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November 3, 2020 • Fitness, Healthy Living

Regular Exercise Stops Aging


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Is regular exercise the real fountain of youth? According to an exciting report, the answer appears to be an energizing YES. For this evaluation, scientists recruited 125 highly fit, regular cyclists aged 55 to 79, including 84 males and 41 females.

For comparison, the scientists also recruited 75 healthy older adults and 55 healthy younger adults who did not exercise regularly and thus were not highly fit. Both groups underwent a battery of laboratory testing from muscle biopsies to strength testing, as well as measures of immune and metabolic function. The results? Despite their older age, the cyclists appeared to defy aging exhibiting laboratory testing on par with the healthy young adults in the study. Here were the highlights:

  • The cyclists did not exhibit loss of muscle mass or strength.
  • The cyclists did not exhibit increases in body fat or cholesterol levels.
  • The male cyclists’ testosterone levels remained high.
  • The cyclists’ immune cells remained active and plentiful.

These results are telling as these measures are all known to move in the opposite direction with aging. Hippocrates said in 400 BC, “Exercise is medicine.” This study, along with many others, totally debunks the notion that aging automatically makes us weaker and frail. So stay active and fit—it is never too late to take advantage of the miraculous power of movement to boost life and vitality!

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