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May 23, 2014 • Healthy Living, Weight Control

Tips to Rein In Your Appetite

fruit vs junk foodIt is well-established that external visuals of high-calorie foods can drive us to desire them and seek them out, especially when we are hungry. Here are some simple strategies to help you avoid this high-risk situation:

  • Do not leave your home hungry. Our external environments are filled with alluring visuals of high risk, bad-for-you foods. Think billboards, fast food signage, etc.
  • Do not go to the grocery store hungry. Here you will encounter the real thing – not just the pictures!
  • If you bring high-risk foods into your home (which I do not recommend), keep them out of sight. Even within the refrigerator or cupboard it is helpful to hide them behind more healthy foods. “Out of sight out of mind”- so cover the ice cream up with bags of frozen spinach.
  • If traveling by air – watch those airports! Actually, do not watch those airports – put up blinders as you walk through the concourse (do not look at the Cinnabon counter or the Haagen Daaz counter!) And always pack healthy, travel-friendly snacks to avoid ravenous hunger in the toxic nutritional environments of airports. I travel frequently on business and my favorite snacks to pack are nuts, dark chocolate, whole fresh fruits, soy nuts, and dried wasabi peas.