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May 28, 2014 • Weight Control

4 Healthy Ways to Spoil Your Appetite

Appetite control is the Holy Grail for weight control and letting yourself get ravenously hungry prior a large meal (dinner for most people) is an invitation for over-indulgence and weight gain. Here are four proven ways to healthfully take the edge off of your pre-meal hunger and ultimately help you eat less. For best results, time these appetite-spoiling tactics 20-30 minutes prior to mealtime.salad plate

1. Eat a veggie-filled tossed salad drizzled with a little olive oil-based vinaigrette

2. Enjoy a small handful of nuts-any variety

3. Drink a large glass of low-sodium vegetable or tomato juice

4. Eat a few slices of avocado spritzed with lemon juice