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October 14, 2016 • Fitness, Healthy Living

Easy Ways to Avoid Many Diseases – Tips to Avoid Prolonged Sitting


Mounting evidence has shown that prolonged sitting is a massive driver of chronic disease risk. In a study that included over 63,000 adult males – those who sat for more than four hours a day were much more likely to have diabetes, heart disease, cancer, or high blood pressure than those who sat less than four hours a day. Investigators saw a clear “dose response relationship” between sitting and disease risk with those sitting more than eight hours a day showing the highest risk.

To give you proper perspective based on the current evidence, regardless of your weight or health status, if you sit for 7 or more hours a day it increases your risk of chronic diseases on par with being a regular smoker or being obese. Currently over 50% of our population sits more than 7 hours a day!

Bottom line: To maintain good health you must engage in regular physical activity (just think MOVEMENT) and avoid prolonged sitting.

Ideas for incorporating movement into your day:

  • Consider transitioning to a stand-up desk
  • Take a brisk walk around your office or building when possible
  • Set a reminder on your phone to stand up every hour and stretch
  • Take the stairs whenever available
  • Make a commitment to MOVE with coworkers and friends. Mutual accountability increases your likelihood of making it a reality!

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(International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity online February 2013)