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September 7, 2012 • Healthy Living

Stone Fruit – Peaches – Benefits of Stone Fruit

The disease-busting credentials of stone fruits just received a huge boost thanks to new research from Texas A&M. In a series of lab experiments, scientists found that stone fruits, which include peaches, plums, and nectarines, contain a unique compliment of plant compounds that each provide a separate molecular pathway to counter the various metabolic derangements that occur in metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is an epidemic condition marked by the simultaneous presence of 3 or more cardiovascular risk factors and arguably the single greatest threat of belly (visceral) fat. The researchers believe their findings are the first time phytochemicals housed within a single family of fruits have shown the potential to operate on so many different fronts to counter a single disease. I remain in awe of Mother Nature’s produce pharmacy. Go on, and eat a piece of stone fruit now (Meeting of the American Chemical Society, Philadelphia, August 2012)!