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September 12, 2012 • Healthy Living

A Healthy Fast Food Breakfast

Breakfast options are notoriously unhealthy across all major fast food chains. Bacon, sausage, cheese, and more cheese, biscuits, gravy, pancakes, French toast, hash browns, cinnamon buns, Danishes, and white flour bagels, and English muffins, are not on Dr. Ann’s approved list of breakfast foods. Even the token offerings of seemingly “healthy” choices like yogurt parfaits are loaded with added sugars (6 plus teaspoons!). These concoctions are fine for dessert, just not for breakfast. If plain oatmeal is available (which is becoming more common) – go for it. Dried fruit and nut toppings would be fine, but hold the packet of brown sugar cinnamon topping or just sprinkle on half of it. Unless you can get some oatmeal, DO NOT rise and dine on fast food!


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