Dr. Ann

When we eat and how often we eat may impact our weight control for better or for worse. In a provocative report that included data from more than 50,000 healthy adults followed over several years, scientists uncovered definite associations between meal timing and meal frequency and weight control. Here were the key take home findings. […]

In one of the largest evaluation to date, scientists concluded that normal weight individuals (those with a normal BMI) that carry their excess weight in the midsection (central obesity) are at the greatest risk of death from any cause relative to those who are overweight or obese and carry their weight elsewhere. In this large-scale […]

Oh, the power of healthy living! In the first full-scale investigation of the impact of five basic healthy living practices on disease prevention and longevity, Harvard researchers uncovered wowing findings. For this analysis, over 120,000 adult men and women had their lifestyle habits and health monitored over a period of 27 to 34 years. Based […]