Dr. Ann

Carotenoids are plant-based pigments known for their robust antioxidant power as well as their brilliant orange to reddish hues. Here are the foods that contain the most carotenoids… Carrots Orange/yellow/red bell peppers Apricots Collard greens Kale Acorn squash Sweet potatoes Spinach Pumpkin Tomatoes (especially canned tomatoes) * The orange hues from the carotenoids in collards, kale and spinach […]

We already know that fruits and veggies can help us look, feel, and stay younger, and now, thanks to some nifty new science, we can also add sexier to that fabulous list. In a first-of-its-type experiment, scientists set out to evaluate how skin coloration impacts the perception of “facial attractiveness” as well as mate selection. […]