Dr. Ann

Appetite control is the Holy Grail for weight control.  Here are 3 simple and delicious ways to help you eat less.   ???? Dig the Power of Protein. Protein is nature’s diet pill – providing longer lasting appetite suppression than either fats or carbs. Include some healthy (lean) protein at every meal. The right dose […]

Want to eat less now AND later – come to full attention! In a compelling new review of 24 former studies that focused on eating while distracted vs. eating while attentive – the results were noteworthy. The more distracted and the less mindful we are during eating, the more we tend to eat in that sitting, and […]

When it comes to resisting the lure of tempting, high-risk foods – choose your words wisely. In a fascinating series of experiments, researchers determined that the specific words or the “self-talk” we choose to personally shun foods we want to avoid can make a dramatic difference in our success. The investigators found that simply saying […]

In a first-of-its-kind study designed to tease out the most effective behavioral strategies for reducing caloric intake, scientists uncovered some valuable weight loss wisdom. The evaluation was based on data from 123 overweight, adult women who were assigned to one of two arms of a controlled 12-month weight loss study. After monitoring a wide range […]

In a stunning confirmation of the health-boosting power of weight loss, researchers recently determined that shedding even a modest amount of weight can pay lasting health dividends. As part of the landmark Diabetes Prevention Program study, 3,000 overweight subjects with pre-diabetes were counseled to improve the healthfulness of their diets and engage in regular physical […]

In a landmark  report that comprised the “world’s largest diet study” – researchers concluded that the most effective dietary regimen for preventing and treating obesity is one that is relatively high  in lean protein (25% of calories) and low in its glycemic response. (Glycemic response refers to how high and how fast the carbs you […]

Ring in the New Year with a renewed commitment to take charge of your health!  Here are some simple, yet powerful “healthy resolutions” to place you and your family on the path to optimal wellness. Give yourself an “oil change.”  Make extra virgin olive oil your oil of choice for room temperature, low heat and […]

In a first-of-its-kind evaluation presented at the International Congress on Obesity, German researchers evaluated 9 popular over-the-counter weight loss products to see if they were effective.  In this double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trial (the most accurate type of study), NONE of the supplements were any more effective than the placebo (dummy pills). In a second […]