Dr. Ann

One of the most spectacular scientific advancements of the past 2 decades has been the realization that we have enormous personal power and control over whether or not we will develop chronic disease.  Thankfully, cancer is no exception to this awesome biological reality. Based on the latest evidence, about 60% of all cancers could be […]

If you “expect” a food or meal to satisfy you – chances are it will.  Fascinating new research just presented at a scientific meeting on eating behavior found our minds can indeed convince our stomachs that a food or meal will fill us up. Appetite control is the Holy Grail for achieving a healthy body […]

I am a big believer in simple visuals for staying on track with healthy eating and was thrilled when the USDA adopted the “My Plate” icon to replace the confusing and essentially useless “food pyramid.” When I sit down to order a meal, I always aspire to create the “perfect plate” – with one-half of […]

Want to eat less now AND later – come to full attention! In a compelling new review of 24 former studies that focused on eating while distracted vs. eating while attentive – the results were noteworthy. The more distracted and the less mindful we are during eating, the more we tend to eat in that sitting, and […]

As they do every 5 years, the USDA has just released their updated nutrition guidelines for Americans.  Among the “changes” were recommendations for less salt, less saturated and trans fat, more plant-based foods and more seafood. I concur. There was overwhelming consensus among the nutrition experts involved that the overall and primary focus should be […]

A landmark, new report confirms something I have strongly suspected for some time, and should have profound implications for our approach to combating the crushing burden the obesity epidemic continues to place on our society.  Reporting at the European Congress on Obesity (Amsterdam, May 09), scientists determined that the meteoric uptick in our obesity rates […]