Dr. Ann

If you “expect” a food or meal to satisfy you – chances are it will.  Fascinating new research just presented at a scientific meeting on eating behavior found our minds can indeed convince our stomachs that a food or meal will fill us up. Appetite control is the Holy Grail for achieving a healthy body […]

In a provocative report that puts a spin on “food for thought” – scientists uncovered a significant association between over-eating and memory problems. This evaluation included more than 1,200 elderly study subjects who reported how many calories they consumed daily. Those who reported consuming the most calories (2,143 or more daily) were more than twice […]

Improving your weight control may be as easy as getting enough shut-eye. Prior studies have shown a consistent link between sleep loss and increased hunger, and in a new study, scientists have identified specific changes in the brain that explain this relationship. The investigators had already shown in a previous study that a single night […]