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March 30, 2023 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Healthy Living

Why My Wellness Mantra is “ENJOY!”

What are the fundamental 5?

E – Eat real food (in 12-hours or less daily).

N – Nurture your microbiome.

J – Join me in moving daily.

O – Optimize your breathing.

Y – Yes to restorative sleep.

Why have I decided on this acronym?

Because experiencing joy is the highest of all positive emotions; and that is my ultimate goal for you.

Plus, we know from cutting-edge behavior change science that beating the drum of negativity and instilling fear is a horrible motivator, in fact, it often backfires. 

After 25 years as a wellness crusader and educator, I’ve had the indescribable pleasure of watching countless individuals experience so much more joy in their lives simply because they improved their dietary and lifestyle habits.

And the word “ENJOY” gets even better as our mantra because “ENJOY” lends itself beautifully as the perfect acronym for the 5 directives of healthy living that are central to my overall health goals for you.

Using the acronym “ENJOY”, you can recall the directives lickity-split as a failsafe guide in your day to day living.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Set yourself up for success by learning the science behind–and properly practicing–each of these directives in your day to day to life!

Friends, the way to good health is far easier than most would imagine and holds a world of extraordinary blessings and treasures that will stay with you forever.

So from this day forward, please E.N.J.O.Y!