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December 17, 2018 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

The Brand of Pasta I Am Nuts Over

If you love your pasta and are looking for one that you can indulge in, enjoy and feel great about, I am delighted to tell you about Explore Asian brand Organic Black Bean Pasta. Believe it or not, this delicious pasta is made exclusively from organic black beans and water with no additional ingredients.

Squid ink pasta in bowl on white background

A single serving provides 22.5 grams of protein along with 11 grams of fiber! And knowing that black beans are otherwise teeming with nutrients, I encourage you to include this pasta ad libitum in your diet.  Perhaps the most welcome accolade of this unique brand of pasta is that unlike other gluten-free pasta, it always cooks up al dente. Hooray, hooray!

And here’s even more for you pasta-lovers: Four Ways to Make Your Pasta Healthier

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