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May 29, 2015 • Healthy Living

A Delicious Way to Live Longer

Flavonoids, those plant-based miracle workers of good health score again. This time for slashing the risk of death. For this study, scientists followed the diets and mortality status of 1,063 elderly women for five years. Those consuming the most dietary flavonoids reduced their risk of all-cause mortality by an impressive 60 percent. Translation: Women who consumed the most flavonoid-rich foods were 60 perfect less likely to die over the 5-year period than the women who consumed the least. What’s more, the protective relationship between consuming an abundance of flavonoids and living longer extended to both cardiovascular and cancer-related deaths. Relative to low consumers, study subjects who had the most robust flavonoid intakes lowered their risk of death from both heart disease and cancer by 40-50 percent. Even better, the foods highest in these death-fighting flavonoids are notably delicious.apples and pears

Click here to see them. (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 105:5, 2015)