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May 14, 2010 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Weight Control

Appetite Control – Healthy Snacks – Weight Loss Tips

Getting overly hungry is the downfall of dieters everywhere. You know how it works: you think you’re behaving yourself by not eating, but you go too long between meals, and as a result, you grow so hungry that you feel as though your stomach has become a bottomless pit. While you know you should chop up some raw veggies, that box of cookies seems a whole lot closer. You grab the cookies to quell the grumbling in your stomach and promise yourself you’ll be better “next time.”

It’s important to understand this key concept: it takes fewer food calories to prevent hunger, than it does to deal with it once it occurs. In addition, studies have shown that blood glucose and insulin levels remain lower and steadier over the course of the day when a given amount of food is consumed in four to five smaller, frequent feedings, as opposed to two or three larger meals. In other words, what I call “controlled grazing” is not only permitted, but also encouraged on the 10-Step Diet.

For most of us, hunger is an extremely uncomfortable state that sets us up for dietary indiscretions and overconsumption of food. Even in the rush of everyday life, we need to make time for healthy snacks. Planning ahead to keep hunger at bay is a critical strategy for successful weight loss, and part of the reason I have saved this step for last. Successful dieting requires you to understand how your body processes the food you eat. Incorporate smart snacking strategies to accomplish your weight loss goal.