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February 5, 2019 • Healthy Living

It’s Like Medicine, Only Better – A Perfect Way to Lower Blood Pressure

Woohoo! Exercise compares to prescription drugs for lowering blood pressure. It is well-established that physical activity can lower blood pressure, but there have never been formal trials to pit one against the other.

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To get around this, researchers combined the results of 194 clinical trials assessing drugs for blood pressure and 197 trials looking at the impact of formal exercise regimes on blood pressure. In total, this review study encompassed 39,472 study subjects. All types of exercise were included—aerobic activities (walking cycling, jogging, etc.), interval training, strength/resistance training (weights, yoga, etc.), and a combination of strength and aerobic exercise.

In study subjects with high blood pressure, exercise was just as effective as most blood pressure medications. In addition, the researchers noted “compelling evidence” that aerobic activity in combination with resistance/strength training was effective for reducing blood pressure. (Yes, a combo of both is best.)

Keep in mind that unlike drugs, exercise is free, comes with 30 plus additional benefits, and has no side effects if done properly.

What a gift that is! I never miss a day. My current regime includes swimming, running, hot yoga, walking, and spinning.


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