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November 2, 2017 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

How Dr. Ann Gets in 5 Servings of Fish a Week

Honey lime salmon on the plate

  • I prepare fresh salmon, wild if available, for dinner once a week. I cook enough that I have at least one serving left over for the next day’s lunch.
  • I include salmon salad regularly (made from canned wild Alaskan Red Sockeye) for my weekday lunches.
  • I often have a wild Alaskan salmon patty (I get the large bag of frozen patties from Costco) as part of my weekend lunches.
  • I make salmon croquettes (made from canned Alaskan Red Sockeye salmon) for dinner if fresh salmon is not available in the fridge.
  • I keep individually frozen wild salmon filets in my freezer as a last resort backup. (I find the texture and taste of frozen salmon much inferior to fresh.)
  • I occasionally include other types of oily fish like halibut and canned or fresh tuna.

I reserve fish oil supplements for days that I am unable to consume a serving of oily fish. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega is the brand I take.

*Please note —the latest science strongly suggests that eating oily fish is superior to taking fish oil supplements!

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