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October 10, 2019 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Why You Should Skip Vitamin Waters

water plastic bottleOne of my biggest pet peeves is the ever-exploding selection of designer waters now available on the grocery shelves.

Despite their labels that include ultra healthy words like “vitamin”, “fitness”, or “skinny”, there is no evidence that fortifying water with vitamins, minerals, herbs, or antioxidants has any health benefits.

To the contrary, given the growing number of fortified foods and popular use of supplements, I am concerned about the potential to consume too much of them. With vitamins and minerals, more is not necessarily better, and can even be dangerous.

Lastly, many of these boutique beverages are loaded with added sugars, and sugary beverages are unhealthy and should be avoided. I consider these products to be the ultimate in consumer pocketbook exploitation. Do not be duped, and do not waste your money on them!

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