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October 9, 2019 • Brain Health, Cancer Prevention

Omega 3 – The Happy Fat

Animal and vegetable sources of omega-3 acids as salmon, avocado, linseed, eggs, butter, walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, parsley leaves and rapeseed oil

The majority of the solid structure of our brains is made up of fat – yes we are all true fat heads! And the special type of fat that makes up most of our brain architecture is none other than the superstar omega 3 fat.  Omega 3 fat, specifically DHA, is the brain’s most prized and highest quality building material so it was no big surprise that a large review of clinical trials (Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, August ’07) looking at omega 3 fats and mood disorders found they had a significant antidepressant effect.  Interestingly, Japan has the highest intakes of omega 3 in the world (about 15x higher than US) and their rates of depression are about 1/20th — 1/30th of ours.

So Hippocrates was right when he said “what’s good for the heart is also good for the brain,” because these fats provide 7 separate benefits to your heart and arteries.  Be sure to strive to include a serving of omega 3 fats in your diet each day.  The best sources are oily fish, walnuts, omega 3 eggs, whole soy foods and flax seed.  Fish oil supplements can provide a convenient safety net.

Omega 3 fats appear to help colon cells stay healthy and happy too.  A study involving 1455 people with colon cancer compared with 1455 matched individuals without the disease found that the cancer subjects consumed less omega 3 fats. (American Journal of Epidemiology, July ’07). Specifically, study subjects with the highest intake of DHA (found in oily fish and omega 3 eggs) had 41 percent lower odds of colon cancer.

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