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August 7, 2018 • Cancer Prevention

Just Say Whoa! to Cancer

If you are under the illusion that cancer is simply bad luck or all in your genes, I have some fantastic news for you. According to a report published in the prestigious journal, Nature, up to 70-90 percent of cancer cases are related to lifestyle and environmental factors. This analysis was specifically undertaken to determine the extent to which external factors influence cancer risk.
For the analysis, the researchers methodically applied four distinct analytic approaches to the same set of data. Collectively, the results clearly indicated that our lifestyle choices along with environmental exposures are by far the greatest contributors to our cancer risk and not our genes.
I hope that this encouraging report (as well as the fact that 80 percent of all chronic disease is preventable through diet and lifestyle) inspires you to take charge of your health. Because the healthier you are, the more joy and happiness you can have in your life!

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 (Nature, 2015: DOI: 10.1038/nature16166)