Dr. Ann

Although no one likes to be fooled, researchers from Penn State University have done that. For this clever evaluation, researchers offered 41 unsuspecting young men and women breakfast, lunch and dinner once a week for three weeks.  At each meal, a single dish was altered to substitute pureed “hidden” steamed vegetables in place of other ingredients.  […]

My daughter Lucie loves baking healthy treats. Here are some great tips we’ve both adopted for healthier – and wildly delicious – baking: Substitute canola oil for shortening, stick margarine or butter. Canola oil/butter blends also acceptable. Use ground flax seeds, ground nuts or prepared all natural nut butters in place of bad fats (butter, […]

Here are some of my favorite, healthy substitutions: 100% spreadable fruit for regular jelly/jams Trans fat free spreads for stick butter or margarines Part-skim or 2% cheeses for full fat varieties Omega 3 fortified eggs for standard eggs Romaine hearts for iceberg lettuce Ground turkey breast for ground beef Greek-style plain yogurt for sour cream […]