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December 14, 2020 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Healthy Living, Weight Control

Pro-tip: Add Veggie Puree to Your Dishes to Increase Nutritional Value

vegetable caviar in bowl and on a table

Although no one likes to be fooled, researchers from Penn State University have done that.

For this clever evaluation, researchers offered 41 unsuspecting young men and women breakfast, lunch and dinner once a week for three weeks.  At each meal, a single dish was altered to substitute pureed “hidden” steamed vegetables in place of other ingredients.  In some cases, the added purees comprised up to 25% of the entrée by weight.  The entrées that contained the secret veggies did not faze the study subjects.  They ate just as much of the altered dishes and reported that it “looked and tasted great.”

The most exciting and promising aspect of going stealth with the veggies was that study subjects, without compromising taste or satiety, received a double bonus for health. By ingesting the vegetable-enhanced entrées, they ultimately reduced daily calories up to 360 and bumped up vegetable intake by two servings a day! (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Online, February 2011)

What you can do: Here are some “practical” ways to go stealth with your veggies.

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