Dr. Ann

Tis the season for weight loss and if you want to succeed, simply stepping on the scale may be one of the most effective moves you could make. In a study that followed the body weight of overweight study subjects who expressed a desire to lose weight, those who weighed themselves more often over the following […]

Control your portions! This can certainly trim your grocery bill and your restaurant bill and recent scientific evidence finds that consistently controlling portions is the fastest direct route to weight loss. According to an article published in Obesity Research, Sept 2004, controlling portions increased the chances of successful weight loss by almost four fold! Dump […]

Restrict the Great White Hazards – white flour products, white rice, white potatoes, and sugar/sweets.  They drive your blood sugar down quickly which triggers sugar cravings. Avoid artificial sweeteners.  These exquisitely sweet agents keep your inner cookie monster primed and ready. Eat regularly – 3 meals a day with a mid-afternoon snack and be sure […]