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September 9, 2011 • Weight Control

Lose Weight and Save Money with These Tips

  1. Control your portions! This can certainly trim your grocery bill and your restaurant bill and recent scientific evidence finds that consistently controlling portions is the fastest direct route to weight loss. According to an article published in Obesity Research, Sept 2004, controlling portions increased the chances of successful weight loss by almost four fold!
  2. Dump liquid calories – sodas, fruit juices/drinks, sport drinks, etc. These liquid sugars cost money, offer zero nutritional value and are especially fattening. Instead – drink zero-calorie, 100% healthy water for free.
  3. Eat more beans! They are cheap, readily available, super-healthy and fantastic for weight-loss because of their high fiber and protein make-up.
  4. Choose walking as your exercise of choice. A brisk walk provides the full spectrum of health benefits attributed to exercise and is proven to aid in weight-loss. 75% of the 4,000+ triumphant dieters enrolled in National Weight-Control Registry Study report walking as an important component of their weight loss success (to be eligible for this study, participants must have maintained a 30 lb weight loss for at least one year). When it comes to walking and fitness – burning calories is free!
  5. Eat more fresh produce. Increasing consumption of fruits and veggies is a simple and proven means to hasten weight loss. According to a  Penn State University Study, people who simply consumed more fruits and veggies lost weight without gimmicks or counting calories. Additionally, a  USDA study found that consuming seven servings of fresh fruit and veggies a day costs as little as 64 cents. The USDA researchers also found that nearly two-thirds of the fruits and veggies studied were least expensive in their fresh form.


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