Dr. Ann

If you are looking for a simple way to nurture your happiness and mental well-being – eat your produce. In an uplifting report that followed the dietary habits of 80,000 British adults, researchers uncovered a “surprising” relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and enhanced mental well-being. In this analysis, happiness rose in tandem with the number of […]

The brain is especially sensitive and demanding when it comes to nutrition, so I wasn’t surprised to see a new report linking fruits and veggies to enhanced mental well-being. For this evaluation, researchers had 781 young adults keep a daily log of the various foods they ate along with noting how they felt using nine […]

In honor of National Food Day (today, October 24th), be sure to watch my short video to learn why you should eat your fruits and vegetables. Hint: It’s for the phytochemicals! Click to Watch RELATED Veggies with Healthy Fat [VIDEO] Roasting Veggies [VIDEO]