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CLICK HERE: DOWNLOAD The Anti-Aging Cheat Sheet Have a nutrition question for Dr. Ann? Ask her anything on Aug 26th! REGISTER HERE Control the rate at which you age by eating the best anti-aging diet and practicing daily healthy living. Yes, scientists have discovered the best anti-aging diet and lifestyle! One of the most glorious […]

Dark leafy greens score again! This time for keeping our brains younger and sharper. In a study that tracked the diets of more than 950 older adults for a period of five years, those who consumed the most leafy greens performed the best intellectually. For this study, the participants completed detailed dietary questionnaires and had their cognitive […]

If you want to maximize youthfulness, here are 7 foods that should always be on your grocery list. Wild salmon Berries – any variety Dark leafy greens Apples Nuts – any variety Beans – any variety Avocados 

Take charge of your youth with these three anti-aging superstar foods.   Wild Alaskan Salmon – Occasionally available fresh, frequently available frozen, and always available canned; this superstar protein is in a league of its own when it comes to helping you stay young.  Wild Alaskan salmon is exploding with several key anti-aging nutrients including […]