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April 22, 2019 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition, Weight Control

The Health Benefits of Chili Peppers


Scientists already determined that eating chili peppers (and other hot foods) can boost mood by triggering the release of the brain’s natural feel good chemicals  – and thanks to this lab study, we have another happy reason to eat them. Scientist determined that the chemical capsaicin, which provides chili pepper’s spicy hot kick, can boost the activity of at least 20 proteins involved in breaking down and burning fat.  (Journal of Proteome  Research, June 2010)  A tasty and convenient way to take advantage of chili pepper’s benefits is with salsa. I buy prepared brands like Garden Fresh Gourmet and add some extra chopped fresh chili peppers. I put it on my eggs, my vegetables, my fish and especially on my Food Should Taste Good brand of multigrain tortilla chips.

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