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September 21, 2020 • Healthy Living

Common Pesticide Toxic to Young Brains

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Public Health experts have confirmed a clear link between a commonly used family of pesticides, organophosphates, and neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

In a call to action, the researchers urged the government to take immediate steps to ban the use of these dubious agents. According to the lead author, “There is compelling evidence that exposure of pregnant woman to very low doses of organophosphate pesticides is associated with lower IQs and difficulties with learning, memory, and attention in their children.”
The researchers noted that fetal exposures even at levels below what is currently considered safe are tied to significant disruption in brain development. Tragically, these compounds are ubiquitous in our environments. They are used on farms, golf courses, shopping malls, and even schools.
Future and current parents and grandparents with children under their care can reduce potential exposures right now by choosing organic produce, especially for the dirty thirteen, and avoiding the use of pesticides in and around the home.

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