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June 1, 2011 • Cancer Prevention, Healthy Living

Colon Cancer Protection and HDL (Good) Cholesterol

In an intriguing new report, scientists found that study subjects with the highest HDL cholesterol levels had the lowest risk of developing colon cancer.  The investigation was part of the EPIC study, which is tracking the impact of diet and cancer risk in more than half a million Europeans.  Scientists compared 1,200 study subjects who developed colon cancer to 1,200 matched participants who did not.  For every 16 point increase in HDL cholesterol levels, the risk of colon cancer dropped by 22%.  Scientists speculate that HDL’s protective benefits likely stem from its anti-inflammatory capacity.( Gut, March 2011)

High HDL levels have also been associated with a reduced risk of heart attacks and Alzheimer’s disease.

What you can do:
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