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January 14, 2019 • Healthy Living

Spread Health with Your Smile

A provocative and scary report found that obesity has a “socially contagious” component to it. Meaning – your body weight can impact the body weight of your friends and even your friends’ friends. Now we have some much “lighter” and truly uplifting science that reports happiness is contagious too and that you can make your friends and their friends happier by practicing happiness yourself.

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Harvard researchers studied over 5,000 folks from the Framingham Study and determined that smiling has a “cascading effect.” Specifically, they determined an individual’s happiness spreads outward by 3 degrees of separation. (British Medical Journal, Dec. 08).

Given the powerful and inextricable link between happiness and good health, these findings have profound implications on the “public” health front. Think about it – by simply smiling and being happy you can improve the health of others, including people you don’t even know or see!


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