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July 28, 2017 • Healthy Eating & Nutrition

The "Secret" Salad Benefits

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  1. Salads are arguably the best dish for “feeding your microbiome”.  The microbiome refers to that rich ecosystem of beneficial bacteria that reside in our GI tract. Maintaining a healthy microbiome (which is vital to all-over health!) requires eating a broad array of plant-based foods.  Salads are the perfect dish for giving those good bugs the variety and volume of plant-based foods they must have to survive!
  2. Did you know just looking at a salad can incite eating and stimulate your appetite? It is true!  Both color and variety boost eating behavior at the level of the brain. Thus if you include a variety of brightly colored veggies or veggies with fruit in your salads, it can help you eat and enjoy a dish that is off-the-charts healthy.
  3. Salads make eating raw veggies easy and tasty.  Some veggies are definitely healthier for you raw, and eating salads is the perfect way to take advantage of this fact.

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