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July 15, 2015 • Cancer Prevention

Nuts for Cancer Protection

nut smileIf you love eating your nuts like I do, you will be pleased to hear that nuts’ health credentials just received another notable accolade-cancer protection. For this first-of-its-kind evaluation scientists pooled the results of 36 previously published studies including more than 30,000 study subjects. Overall, consuming nuts was associated with a lower risk of cancer with the strongest links noted for protection from colorectal, uterine, and pancreatic cancers.

This delectable food already has a rock-solid scientific reputation for fighting heart disease and improving weight control, so I encourage you to make them a regular part of your dietary portfolio. My best advice is to include one generous handful (about 1 oz.) of any variety of nuts you enjoy daily. (Nutrition Reviews, June 16th, 2015)