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September 29, 2011 • Brain Health, Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Omega 3 Fats for Brain Health

Over the past two decades, omega 3 fats have been rocketed to the scientific forefront as the darlings of the healthy fat world, and according to three new reports, we would be very wise to consume them in abundance. All three of these evaluations were specifically addressing omega 3 fats and brain/mental health. Here are their conclusions:

  • After comparing the blood DHA levels (the major omega 3 fat concentrated in the brain) of 800 active duty military personnel who committed suicide to 800 matched controls, researchers found that the risk of suicide was greatest among those with the lowest DHA levels. (The Journal of Psychiatry online August 2011)
  • Normal elderly study subjects who reported use of fish oil supplements demonstrated superior cognitive function and less brain shrinkage vs. those not taking fish oil supplements prior to and over the course of a three year study. (International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, Paris France, August 2001)
  • Laboratory rats fed a DHA-enriched diet experienced significantly less brain damage after a stroke relative to a control group of rats fed the same diet, but without the added DHA. (Stroke online August 2001)

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