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July 16, 2019 • Brain Health, Healthy Living

Slash Your Risk of Dementia and Chronic Diseases

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The power of healthy living to prevent our most dreaded chronic diseases has received resounding scientific validation.  In a landmark report, scientist identified five cardinal behaviors that if practiced throughout adult life, could slash the risk of our most life-robbing and deadly diseases by 60 to 70%.

For this evaluation scientists carefully monitored the health and lifestyle habits of 2,235 men over a period of 35 years. Study subjects who consistently followed four to five of the healthy behaviors throughout the 35 year period slashed their risk of dementia and loss of intellectual function by 60%, and cut their risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes by 70%.

There is no drug or medical intervention that can come remotely close to providing this remarkable level of protection. And all five are available without a prescription and without a visit to the doctor.

1. Exercising regularly (Of the five, exercise proved to be most protective for preventing dementia and cognitive decline.)

2. Not smoking

3. Maintaining a healthy body weight

4. Eating a healthy diet

5. Keeping alcohol intake low/moderate

 (PLoS ONE, 2013; 8(12)

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