Dr. Ann

Onions are an underappreciated nutrition superhero. Here are five great reasons to eat more of them.   Onions have an exceptionally high total polyphenol content. Polyphenols are a family of potent plant antioxidants that offer broad-spectrum disease protection. Onions are uniquely high in quercetin. Quercetin is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory, and thus disease-fighting […]

Of all whole grains, quinoa has the best overall nutritional profile. It is loaded with vitamins, minerals and fiber. Quinoa provides complete protein – which is very rare in the plant kingdom. Quinoa is uniquely high in two highly prized and super potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds, kaemferol and quercetin. (Even more than in berries!) […]

All varieties of nuts are off-the-charts great for you, but walnuts deserve especially enthusiastic praise. In fact, this remarkable nut is so special it is always available in my kitchen. Here are 6 compelling reasons to join me in including walnuts in your diet regularly: 1.Walnuts are one of the few foods and the only nut […]

In the largest and most rigorously conducted study to date, organic foods came out on top. This new evaluation included an unprecedented 343 peer-reviewed publications comparing the nutritional quality and safety of fruits, vegetables, and grains grown in organic vs. conventional conditions. The researchers noted three very clear areas of superiority for the organic crops […]

Artichoke hearts may be the most under appreciated and underutilized of all the superstar foods. For just 60 calories per serving you get a  mighty kick of vitamin C, folate, and fiber along with a full cadre of minerals. But what really makes this special vegetable shine so brilliantly is its remarkable antioxidant power. Even right […]

All varieties of nuts are off-the-charts great for you, but walnuts deserve special mention. Here are 5 reasons to eat more of them. Walnuts offer unrivaled cardiovascular protection. Walnuts are an excellent source of those hard to find plant-based omega 3 fats. Walnuts are uniquely high in a special form of vitamin E, gamma-tocopherol, revered […]

Cook your carrots whole vs. cutting them up.  Cooked carrots have more nutritional value than fresh and cooking them whole boosts their nutritional value even further.  I always roast carrots whole – try it, they are delicious! Eat more canned beans.  Canned beans have more antioxidants than fresh, frozen, or home-cooked dried beams. “Flash-thaw” your […]

To get the most nutritional bang from your carrots, cook them whole and use mature, not “baby” carrots. Mature carrots have 30% more antioxidants than “baby” carrots (really whittled down misshapen mature carrots) and cooking them whole vs. cut up maximizes their beneficial antioxidants. Lastly, cooked carrots provide 25% more antioxidants than raw carrots. The […]

As a professional wellness expert and speaker, I consider maintaining a youthful and healthy appearance a “required” part of my job description. Here are my top 3 skin health secrets. I eat a heaping tablespoon of organic canned tomato paste (Muir Glen brand) each day – usually right off of the spoon. Canned tomato paste is a […]

Another sound approach to living a longer life is to include an abundance of plant foods containing alpha-carotene.  In a study of 15,318 adults followed over a 14 year period, the risk of death from heart disease, cancer and all other causes was 39 percent lower for those with the highest blood levels of alpha-carotene […]

Dark chocolate and its cousin cocoa are teeming with potent antioxidant plant chemicals called flavanols that emerging science reveals protect the health of the cardiovascular system.  These antioxidant flavanols have favorable effects on the inner most lining cells (endothelium) of our arteries and have been found in numerous studies to: lower blood pressure,  decrease the […]

Maintain your youthful appearance, and include the following 4 anti aging superstar foods in your diet regularly.  Read More>>