Dr. Ann

Gamma tocophenal, a high performing form of vitamin E, continues to make headline news on the disease-busting front.  Studies have linked this antioxidant work horse to better cardiovascular health and protection from a host of different cancers.  Fortunately, the foods that provide the very best supply are amongst the most delicious too – pistachios (bet […]

On the subject of potent antioxidants, we now know that constantly infusing our bodies with a steady stream of them should be the “bedrock” for healthy living.  A landmark, highly ambitious study that monitored genetic mutations through the human equivalent of 5,000 years — has shown for the very first time that the lion’s share […]

  Antioxidants create biochemical bliss at the cellular level – readily neutralizing those rogue, destructive molecules called free radicals that are constantly generated within our cells.  Plant foods have always been the ideal place to get them and thanks to two new investigations, we should all be even more reassured that we are doing our antioxidant […]

Did you know that some of the very same pigments (phytochemicals) that give plant foods their deep, rich color can provide “built-in” SPF for your skin? It’s deliciously true and as the summer rapidly approaches, I wanted you to be aware of this little recognized fact.  The very same phytochemicals that are responsible for launching […]

• Power packed with healthful benefits – vitamin C and E, B-vitamins, fiber, minerals, and phytochemicals • Phytochemicals in blueberries provide them with their deep, rich blue color and their extraordinary and unmatched antioxidant power. • Blueberries are considered one of the most powerful antioxidant foods known to man. They provide several times more antioxidant […]

Dark chocolate lovers were given an early Valentine from Japanese scientists who presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting this month in Orlando, FL – It really is good for the heart!   For two weeks researchers fed a group of healthy young adults 550 milligrams daily of dark chocolate versus white chocolate and monitored […]