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November 11, 2019 • Healthy Living, Weight Control

Trimming Your Waistline and Your Budget

weight gain loss

Here are some easy ways to save money while improving your weight control:

  • Control your portions. This can reduce your grocery bill along with your restaurant bill and scientific reports find that consistently controlling portions may be the fastest direct route to weight loss. 

  • Dump liquid calories (sodas, fruit juices/drinks, sport drinks.) These liquid sugars cost money, offer zero nutritional value and are especially obesigenic. Instead, drink zero-calorie, 100% healthy water for free.

  • Eat more beans! They are dirt cheap, convenient, super-healthy and fantastic for appetite control because of their high fiber and protein make-up and their low glycemic response.  Canned, fresh, frozen, or dried are all fine.

  • Walk for your exercise. A brisk walk provides the full spectrum of eye-popping health benefits attributed to exercise, is proven to aid in weight-loss, and can be had at no cost. 75% of the 5,000+ triumphant dieters enrolled in National Weight-Control Registry Study report walking as a key component of their weight loss success. When it comes to walking – fitness and burning calories are free, yet priceless.

  • Eat more local, fresh produce. Increasing consumption of fruits and veggies is a simple and proven means to hasten weight loss. Studies show people who simply consume more fruits and veggies can lose weight without gimmicks or counting calories. And choosing locally grown produce is better for the environment, fresher, tastier, healthier, and cheaper.

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