Dr. Ann

Spring has sprung and so have those delectable asparagus spears.  Like other green vegetables, asparagus are chock full of nutrients, providing 20 different vitamins and minerals including a huge dose of folate, vitamin C, and vitamin A.  This terrific trio makes them particularly valuable for heart health, healthy pregnancy, and keeping the immune system in good […]

Even more heart healthy superstar foods for you to include in your diet regularly! Dark Chocolate Pecans – This delectable treat gives your heart the best of both worlds.  Dark chocolate is loaded with the antioxidant flavanols that boost blood flow while pecans are brimming with heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, like those in olive oil, that […]

Gamma tocophenal, a high performing form of vitamin E, continues to make headline news on the disease-busting front.  Studies have linked this antioxidant work horse to better cardiovascular health and protection from a host of different cancers.  Fortunately, the foods that provide the very best supply are amongst the most delicious too – pistachios (bet […]

A powerful, new randomized clinical trail (the only kind of study that can really tell us the truth) adds to the validity of my standard dietary advice to “have your fat, and eat it too – as long as you make sure it’s the right type.”  Presenting at the American Heart Association’s 2009 Annual Meeting […]

The Mediterranean Diet hit another healthy home run with 2 new studies adding to its long and successful record on the disease-fighting front.  A slew of former studies have established this delicious dietary pattern (high in plant foods, fish, olive oil, moderate in red wine, and low in meat) as beneficial for heart health, cancer […]

The darlings of the healthy fat world, namely those long-chained omega 3 fats, DHA and EPA, just received a glowing endorsement thanks to a new report in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (August 09).  After an exhaustive review of a slew of studies that included tens of thousands of subjects, cardiovascular experts […]

54% of the American population has unhealthy cholesterol levels.  Soluble fiber and phytosterols are nature’s most potent cholesterol-lowering agents.  Here is where you can get the most of each from mother earth’s apothecary: Soluble fiber – beans, peas, barley, flax seeds, oats, oat bran, chia seeds, avocado, carrots, collards, and oranges. Phytosterols – sesame seeds, […]

Of all the radical changes in the modern American diet compared to that consumed by our hunter-gatherer ancestors, our record consumption (3 fold increase since 1970!) of sweetened beverages (soda, sports drinks, etc.) is arguably the most profound and tops my list as one of the most high risk of all our unhealthy habits.  Sweetened […]

Eating high glycemic carbs like white bread, white potatoes, and sweets (“The Great White Hazards” in my lingo), that send blood glucose soaring, appear to disrupt the function of the all-important cells lining our arteries known as endothelial cells.  Endothelial cells, when functioning properly, work like a Teflon coating in our arteries and maintain a […]

Adding salt to prepared food is a learned behavior primarily triggered by seeing and having ready access to a salt shaker. As a simple strategy to reduce your sodium intake, rid your house completely of salt shakers.  If it’s not there, it is not an option. We are currently consuming 50 percent more salt than […]

Oily fish is nature’s most abundant source of long-chained omega 3 fatty acids, currently considered the Queen of the healthy fats.  It also happens to be nature’s only food that provides a hefty dose of vitamin D, the current King of vitamins. “Oily” fish include salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, and lake trout.  To view a […]

 Eggs have always been a cheap, delicious and convenient source of high quality, low-fat protein along with B vitamins, vitamin E and iron. Thanks to modern food technology eggs are now healthier than ever.  Many egg producers now fortify their chicken feed with omega 3 fats (usually from fish meal) which means that this superstar fat gets […]