Dr. Ann

In an encouraging new report, scientists offer what may be a reliable antidote to one of the most predictable (and dreaded!) effects of dieting—a slowdown in metabolism and subsequent robust weight regain. For this intriguing new study, scientists placed men into one of two different diet groups. Diet group 1 cut their daily calories by […]

July 2, 2017 •

Eat Right for Life Seminar

TESTIMONIALS Dr. Ann, I attended your half-day seminar at The Schoolhouse this past Saturday.  It was wonderful.  Just wanted to let you know that your teaching and insight into health and wellness has brought me “back to life”… You have been a Godsend.  My diet has always been good but needed to be better. through your wisdom, I now […]

According to an evaluation by Consumer Labs, all of the following brands of extra virgin olive oil passed across all tested parameters, including freshness, purity, and flavor. Those that are starred were noted to be the lowest cost/best value brands. Best Brands of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (in no particular order) Whole Foods 365* California […]

January 26, 2017 •

Energy Balls Recipe

These delectable, ridiculously healthy goodies are just chock full of nutrients particularly beneficial for energy production at the cellular level, as well as for boosting blood flow. I enjoy having one as a light breakfast prior to my morning workout or after lunch as a treat that keeps me energized throughout the afternoon. Be sure […]

White potatoes have been a delicious staple in the American diet for centuries, but it’s no secret that this starchy tuber is a very high-glycemic food and spikes blood sugar levels. (High glycemic foods can lead to insulin resistance, which you can read about here.) The great news is this: You can prepare white potatoes in a […]

October 6, 2016 •

Weight Loss Breakthrough

Scientist recently proved that incorporating “acceptance-based” skills (ABT) into how we approach weight loss could significantly boost success. Here are the key directives of ABT: Base your weight loss goals on your personal values. Meaning, hitch your desire to lose weight to the things in life that matter most and give your life meaning. For […]