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September 15, 2011 • Fitness

Exercise News Flash

There were so many sensational new reports extolling the benefits of physical activity I just could not decide on just one so here are the highlights from all of them!

  • Using an “objective measure” of physical activity – researchers reported that older adults who were the most physically active were 90 percent less likely to develop mental decline vs. those who were the least active. (Archives of Internal Medicine, Online, July 19, 2011)
  • After reviewing 111 prior studies, researchers determined that both strength training and aerobic exercise play a vital role in brain health and optimal cognitive function. They also concluded that aerobic exercise in youth is “essential” for intellectual function. (Journal of Applied Physiology, Online, August 2011) (Yes, P.E. in schools is arguably the most important “class” for boosting learning and intelligence!)
  • A series of lab experiments revealed that the brains of “fit” mice can rapidly produce protective chemicals that safeguard brain tissue in situations where it is normally damaged. (Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, August 2011)
  • A large study from researchers in Taiwan concluded that just 15 minutes of moderate exercise a day (ex: brisk walking) can increase life expectancy by 3 full years.
  • Fit mice released greater amounts of hunger-quieting hormones after eating and were more sensitive to the appetite suppressive effects of these hormones than sedentary mice. (There is growing evidence that exercise helps with appetite control through a number of brain and body mechanisms.) (Annual Meetings of SSIB)


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