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July 16, 2009 • Brain Health, Fitness, Healthy Living

Exercise – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

One of the most precious gifts the human body can receive is the gift of physical activity – and a totally uplifting new report found that when it comes to boosting your mood, exercise gives for much longer than previously thought.  Compelling and consistent research has documented that moderate intensity aerobic exercise (like a brisk walk) provides an immediate improvement in mood, but few studies have ever looked at how long the mood boost lasts.  Presenting at the American College of Sports Medicine (Seattle, May 09), researchers reported that the mood of study subjects assigned to ride a stationary bike at a moderate intensity for 20 minutes was measurably better for up to 12 hours post-exercise versus the control group that did not exercise.  Given our epidemic levels of depression and stress, and the misery and adverse health effects both a cause, these findings are profoundly important on the public health front.  Everyone needs to know that something as cheap, convenient, and easy to do as taking a 20 minute morning walk can lift their spirits and mitigate their stress over the entire day!