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Fermented Foods Score a Huge Win

This is really big! In an elegantly conducted clinical trial by one of the world’s most esteemed microbiome scientists we find that stepping up the intake of fermented foods is a quick and effective way to boost gut microbial diversity AND decrease damaging inflammation—even more so than stepping up your intake of fiber-rich plant foods! […]

Foods Highest In Flavonoids, Flavones, & Anthocyanins

These remarkable compounds have been linked to powerful health protection and are especially known for their anti-inflammatory and gut microbiome-enhancing properties. Flavonoids Dark Leafy Greens Onions Apples Berries Cherries Dark Chocolate Soybeans Coffee Red Wine Freshly Brewed Green and Black Tea Citrus Fruits  Flavones Parsley – fresh best Apples – organic best; eat the skin […]

Dr. Ann’s Ultra-Delicious Summer Bean Salad

Everyone (even small children) loves this dish. It’s one of my favorite salads, especially in the summer. Plus, beans are a superstar food almost everyone should be eating more of! Serves 8 Ingredients 2 cans black beans (GOYA best), rinsed 1 small can shoepeg corn, rinsed 1 bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped Juice of 1 lime Very liberal […]

December 14, 2021 •

More Flavor = Lower Blood Pressure

Want to improve the flavor of your food and lower your blood pressure? Use herbs and spices liberally in your foods.  In a tasty new study, a daily dose of a mix of herbs and spices significantly reduced blood pressure in those at risk for heart disease. 71 adults with cardiovascular risk factors consumed three […]

Sound the alarm! In a pivotal new report, we now have direct, clear evidence that a commonly used food additive, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), quickly disrupts the gut microbiome in healthy subjects.  A slew of recent reports in animal studies have indicated that the ubiquitous family of food additives called emulsifiers radically alter gut bacteria and the intestinal […]

Want a simple and effective way to decrease pain and lower inflammation in the body? Use your muscles! Thanks to a new study, we have additional affirmation that exercise lowers inflammation, as well as deeper insight into how it does so.  For this study, scientists divided 78 arthritis patients into one of two study groups. […]

A convincing body of data supports that excess body fat and depression are strongly linked. To tease out whether being overweight causes depression through social influences, like discrimination, or via physiological pathways, like elevated blood pressure or elevated blood sugar, scientists conducted a series of sophisticated genetic studies using data from the UK Biobank. The […]

A diet high in processed foods quickly leads to brain inflammation and memory decline. That was the alarming conclusion from a study in lab rats by scientists known for their expertise in evaluating how everyday life events impact brain inflammation.  For this study scientists put both young rats and older rats on one of three […]

If you enjoy eating mushrooms, you will be excited to know that this superfood appears to lower the risk of depression. Go fungi! In a study that followed the diets and mental health status of about 24,00 US adults between 2005 and 20016, scientists noted a strong link between mushroom consumption and lower odds of depression. […]

Want to know the most efficient way to improve your fitness? Keep reading. In the largest study to date, scientists determined what types of habitual physical activity are best for improving cardiorespiratory fitness. These findings are very important as superior cardiorespiratory fitness substantially lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and premature death.  For […]

December 7, 2021 • Heart Health

Pecans & Heart Health

Want a delicious way to lower your cholesterol? Enjoy pecans regularly. That was the uplifting conclusion of a new clinical trial that set out to determine how consuming a generous portion of pecans daily impacted blood lipid levels.  For this study, scientists assigned 52 adults at risk for heart disease to one of three study […]

Want to optimize your muscle health? Be sure to include a robust dose of protein early in the day. In a new study that is getting lots of buzz and adds to the exciting new science of “chrono-nutrition” (how food timing impacts health and function in various organs of the body), scientists determined that when […]

Thanks to scientists from Harvard, we have even more evidence that eating brightly colored fruits and veggies does wonders for our brains. For this new study, scientists followed the diets and cognitive status of about 77,000 adults from about age 50 to age 70. This particular evaluation was undertaken to evaluate the relationship between flavonoid […]

Blood levels of omega 3 fats, the darlings of the healthy fats, appear to be a powerful predictor of death. In a new report from the on-going and esteemed Framingham Cohort Study, scientists found that having higher blood levels of omega 3 can boost life expectancy by almost five years!  To come to this conclusion, […]

Consuming ultra-processed foods appears to be a major risk factor for inflammatory bowel disease or “IBD.” In a new report adding to the growing pile of studies linking processed foods to major health risks, scientists uncovered a clear link between consuming this dubious fare and ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, both of which have dramatically […]