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Fermented Foods Score a Huge Win

This is really big! In an elegantly conducted clinical trial by one of the world’s most esteemed microbiome scientists we find that stepping up the intake of fermented foods is a quick and effective way to boost gut microbial diversity AND decrease damaging inflammation—even more so than stepping up your intake of fiber-rich plant foods! […]

Foods Highest In Flavonoids, Flavones, & Anthocyanins

These remarkable compounds have been linked to powerful health protection and are especially known for their anti-inflammatory and gut microbiome-enhancing properties. Flavonoids Dark Leafy Greens Onions Apples Berries Cherries Dark Chocolate Soybeans Coffee Red Wine Freshly Brewed Green and Black Tea Citrus Fruits  Flavones Parsley – fresh best Apples – organic best; eat the skin […]

Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Improve Heartburn with Lifestyle

You can improve GERD (aka heartburn) symptoms with lifestyle! Today I want to be sure you know that a healthy lifestyle can be a Godsend for those suffering from GERD, or Gastro-esophageal reflux, better know as heartburn, which has become near epidemic! 5 Anti-Reflux Practices In one of the largest and highest quality studies of […]

Canned foods are in every American home, but are they all good for us? Although canned goods offer convenience and value, with a few notable exceptions, they are nutritionally inferior to their “fresh” or “frozen” counterparts.  Because of the high temperatures used in the canning process, heat-sensitive nutrients like vitamin C and B vitamins can […]

Olive is oil delicious and can keep you from developing a disease that devastates so many every year. Reach for olive oil to lower your cancer risk. In a review study that included the results of 45 previously published studies, scientists observed a significant protective effect of consuming olive oil for several types of cancer. […]

Are you a java lover? If you love your morning cup of coffee, you’ll love this news. Coffee is on a roll with yet another powerful study extolling its health virtues. The results of the largest study to date examining the relationship between drinking coffee and heart disease, as well as the risk of death, […]

Did you know eating more fiber can help protect from dementia? That’s right–you can eat to avoid dementia. More fiber, less dementia! This was the encouraging conclusion of a new study measuring fiber intake and dementia status.  For the study, scientists followed the fiber intake and dementia status of 3,739 adults aged 40-64 for a […]

Americans love to eat at restaurants, but should you be eating out for most of your meals? Today I want to share a bit on the perils of dining out. Over the past few decades, the most dramatic shift in our dietary habits has been the replacement of home-cooked meals with foods prepared by restaurants, […]

Change what you eat for better microbiome health. You can make simple diet changes, like eating less red meat and processed foods, to lower inflammation. Processed foods and red meat drive a pro-inflammatory gut microbiome. That was the conclusion of a powerful study that monitored the diets, as well as the gut microbes, of 1,425 study subjects […]

This Study Shows It Can Even Help Prevent Death WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) YOUR OIL OF CHOICE EVOO reduces the risk of death from many causes. That was the tasty conclusion of a new evaluation that sought to compare olive oil consumption over time with the risk of death from […]

We already know that prunes are great for gut health, and thanks to a new study, it seems prunes are wonderful foods for our bones as well.  For this report, scientists analyzed data from 36 previous studies, 16 in rodents and 12 in humans. Taken together, the data indicate that prunes can protect us from […]

March 17, 2022 •

Add Years to Your Life

Transitioning to a healthy diet leads to impressive gains in life expectancy (LE). That was the uplifting conclusion from a new evaluation published in the journal PLOS Medicine.  For this report, scientists used existing meta-analysis data along with data from the prestigious Global Burden of Disease Study. Using this large body of data, the scientists created a computer […]

Today I want to highlight a remarkable, truly awe-inspiring  category of plant compounds called Polyphenols – Polyphenols are miracle workers in our bodies. They number in the thousands and thankfully are distributed amongst the full gamut of our plant-based foods: fruits, veggies, beans, whole grains, mushrooms, nuts and seeds. So–what makes them so amazing? There are two invaluable  things […]

March 1, 2022 •

An Emulsifier to Avoid

Sound the alarm! In a pivotal new report, we now have direct, clear evidence that a commonly used food additive, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), quickly disrupts the gut microbiome in healthy subjects. A slew of recent reports from animal studies have indicated that the ubiquitous family of food additives called emulsifiers  radically alter gut bacteria and the […]

March 1, 2022 •

Fresh Ginger for Bad Breath

Today, I want to share a super-healthy and highly effective way to freshen breath and reduce bad breath: Ginger. Ginger already enjoys rock-star status as a potent anti-inflammatory spice (second only to turmeric as the most potent of all anti-inflammatory foods!), and now it seems freshening our breath and cleansing our palates are two additional accolades ginger […]