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Recipe: Incredibly Tasty Black Bean Burgers

I worked for a few months tweaking this recipe until I nailed it. This wholesome bean-based burger is everything you are looking for – delicious, filling, super-healthy and easy to make.

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Fermented Foods Score a Huge Win

This is really big! In an elegantly conducted clinical trial by one of the world’s most esteemed microbiome scientists we find that stepping up the intake of fermented foods is a quick and effective way to boost gut microbial diversity AND decrease damaging inflammation—even more so than stepping up your intake of fiber-rich plant foods! […]

Foods Highest In Flavonoids, Flavones, & Anthocyanins

These remarkable compounds have been linked to powerful health protection and are especially known for their anti-inflammatory and gut microbiome-enhancing properties. Flavonoids Dark Leafy Greens Onions Apples Berries Cherries Dark Chocolate Soybeans Coffee Red Wine Freshly Brewed Green and Black Tea Citrus Fruits  Flavones Parsley – fresh best Apples – organic best; eat the skin […]

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Tips for Better Sleep

  Sleep is paramount for health and weight control. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to prevent sleep deprivation from putting a damper on your health and your diet. Here’s what I suggest: -Strive to get at least seven hours of restful sleep a night. Some people do even better with eight. -Make the room […]

Those eating more ultra-processed foods are more likely to become depressed. That was the conclusion from a study that followed the diets and health status of over 31,000 formerly healthy US women over an average period of 14 years.  After adjusting for various confounding factors including age, exercise, and income, women who consumed the most […]

Want to improve your weight control? Get in your exercise during the morning hours.  In a study that followed the movement of 5,285 US adults using accelerometers worn on the hip, scientists noted clear associations between the timing of exercise and body weight.  Specifically, in subjects who exercised between the hours of 7 am and […]

A healthy lifestyle offers enormous protection against depression. That was the uplifting conclusion of a powerful new study from scientists at Cambridge University.  What’s more, there are seven specific lifestyle habits that we can leverage to mitigate our chances of depression.  For this study scientists analyzed the genes, the lifestyles, the brain structure, and the […]

In a promising new study, scientists found that just six minutes of high intensity exercise can dramatically boost the release of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), better known as “miracle grow” for the brain. BDNF is a growth factor known to promote the formation of new brain cells and new brain cell connections, as well as […]

Getting your intake of omega 6 oils down to a healthy level is simple. Simply abide by the following: Get the Omega 3 Fats In! – Plan of Action   

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August 1, 2023 •

Tasty Tex Mex Frittata Recipe

Frittatas are so easy to make and a perfect way to incorporate eggs at dinner. Feel free to substitute or add any other diced veggies or canned beans of choice. SERVES 6 Preheat over to 375 degrees. In a skillet sauté onions and peppers in the olive oil until soft. In a separate bowl, whisk […]

Looking for another way to reduce stress? Eating fruits and vegetables for peace may be just what the doctor ordered! Got stress? Eat more fruits and veggies! In a first-of-its-kind evaluation, scientists found that produce has the power to mitigate feelings of stress.  The study included 8,640 adults ages 33-53 and compared fruit and vegetable […]

I worked for a few months tweaking this recipe until I nailed it. This wholesome bean-based burger is everything you are looking for – delicious, filling, super-healthy and easy to make.

June 15, 2023 •

Foods Highest in Flavanols

Flavanols are prized plant compounds that exhibit uniquely powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. They appear to be especially helpful for cardiovascular health and brain health. Here are the foods that contain highest amounts of flavanols : See how I make my Matcha Elixir in this video!

If eating an anti-inflammatory diet is important to you, don’t miss my upcoming Live Training on How to Eat to Reduce Toxic Inflammation! Learn more or register here. Serves 8-10 Canned salmon is an underutilized superfood. I grew up eating this recipe once a week and feel so grateful as I know my brain benefited. This is a good […]