Dr. Ann

This Study Shows It Can Even Help Prevent Death WHY YOU SHOULD MAKE EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) YOUR OIL OF CHOICE EVOO reduces the risk of death from many causes. That was the tasty conclusion of a new evaluation that sought to compare olive oil consumption over time with the risk of death from […]

We already know that prunes are great for gut health, and thanks to a new study, it seems prunes are wonderful foods for our bones as well.  For this report, scientists analyzed data from 36 previous studies, 16 in rodents and 12 in humans. Taken together, the data indicate that prunes can protect us from […]

Eat More Greens for Greater Muscle Strength Boost muscle strength by including more dark leafy greens in your diet. In a study that followed the diets and physical status of about 3,800 men and women over a 12-year period, those consuming the most dietary nitrate, a compound abundant in dark leafy greens, exhibited significantly greater strength of […]

What is Time Restricted Eating and how do you do it? Today’s tip actually fits directly into the “eat real food” directive, but it also has benefits for the other directives, namely “nurture your microbiome”, “join me in moving daily”, and “yes to restorative sleep”.  And that would be the exciting topic of Time Restricted Eating, “TRE” for […]

Yes! Certain foods like probiotic-rich yogurt can favorably affect blood pressure. Many yogurt-loving clients are thrilled to learn that yogurt can help lower blood pressure. That’s right–when it comes to lowering blood pressure, a daily dose of yogurt may be just what the doctor ordered. In a study that followed the diets and  cardiovascular risk […]

The most delicious butternut squash recipe in the world.

Sound the alarm! In a pivotal new report, we now have direct, clear evidence that a commonly used food additive, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC), quickly disrupts the gut microbiome in healthy subjects.  A slew of recent reports in animal studies have indicated that the ubiquitous family of food additives called emulsifiers radically alter gut bacteria and the intestinal […]

This is really big! In an elegantly conducted clinical trial by one of the world’s most esteemed microbiome scientists we find that stepping up the intake of fermented foods is a quick and effective way to boost gut microbial diversity AND decrease damaging inflammation—even more so than stepping up your intake of fiber-rich plant foods! […]

Avocados have a well-deserved, glowing reputation as a superstar food, and we can now add better gut health to its list of health accolades. In a study undertaken to assess how consuming avocado daily would affect the gut microbiome, scientists provided 163 overweight, but healthy young adults a daily meal either with or without an […]

If you’re like most Americans, the never-ending stream of ultra-processed, highly palatable foods that define our modern food supply has hijacked your taste buds. But have no fear! Fortunately, our sense of taste is highly malleable. This means that your taste buds can be coaxed into loving the simple and less intense flavor profiles typical […]

Roasting is arguably the healthiest and tastiest way to prepare your veggies.  It preserves their nutrients while concentrating their natural sugars and flavors which makes them particularly yummy to even the pickiest palates.  Roasting also dramatically shrinks them in size (because it removes their water), making it easier to consume more in 1 sitting.  Based […]

Steel Cut Oats (I love the Coach’s Oats  “cracked and toasted” brand in a large bag from Costco) Black Rice (I buy the large bag of Village Harvest brand, or whatever offered, from Costco) Quinoa (I buy the large bag of Organic Quinoa from Costco) Basmati Brown Rice (Organic 10 lb. bag from Costco) Dried […]